The Purpose of This Blog

I was born on June 14, 1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I undertook Studies of classical and oriental languages, religion and philosophy, University of Copenhagen. I got my MA 1979 (Indian philology) and my Ph.D. in 1982 (Buddhist studies).

My Studies abroad include Sweden, Germany, India and U.S.A. My Teaching Positions include the Universities of Lund, Copenhagen, Washington (Seattle), Virginia (Charlottesville), in the fields of Asian Languages and Literature; Buddhist and Religious Studies, Indian Philology (Sanskrit and Pâli).

I have had Research Positions include University of Copenhagen, University of Göttingen, Danish Academy of Sciences (Carlsberg Foundation), Danish Council of Research, DAAD (Germany), etc. See my Bibliography.

I have for a long time been interested in the holocaust issue, and I have since December 2006, been a member of the Teheran Holocaust Committee, the primary task of which was to be "fact-finding". This means, as I must see it, that all views - even the most radical and controversial -  had to be taken into critical consideration: audiatur et altera pars!

Both sides had to be heard in the hope - perhaps naive - that all parties could one day, as the chairman of the Teheran Committee, Dr. Ramin, expressed it, meet around the table in Berlin. I expect that all parties seek the truth without ignoring or distorting the evidence. One must in this field, as in most other fields of research, try to follow a "Middle Path" of impartial objectivity.

At one point, it became clear to me that, as I phrased it, the time had come "to revise revisionism" in the light of modern research all too often ignored or distorted by those who claimed that there was no open debate. - Risum teneatis, amici?

So having for some time found myself busy "revising revisionism", I briefly informed Dr. Toben of the Adelaide Institute of the conclusion that I had finally arrived at. Dr. Toben kindly, immediately, correctly announced the news:

"Teheran Holocaust Committee Member Christian Lindtner claims, "Holocaust denial is a moral and intellectual aberration...Denial is Chutzpah."

That, indeed, is what I claim.

In some quarters my claim met with approval, in other quarters it met with disapproval. Thus, Mr Jürgen Graf - according to Dr Toben, "one of the heavies of Revisionism" - on 22 July published an essay in which he appears to have  felt himself called upon to inform the world of "The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of a scholar" - that scholar being me!

Following the suggestion of a few good friends, I prepared some comments to Mr Graf´s "letter of contempt".

These comments may be read in connection with my essay Hitler's Prophecy - Endlösung vs. Holocaust and my video presentation Hitler's Prophecy.

When I claim that Denial is Chutzpah - i.e. shameless impudence or brazen audacity - it is only fair that I provide some of the main reasons for making that claim.

The main purpose of this blog, therefore, is to provide some examples, culled  from the published works of some of "the heavies of Revisionism", so as to permit the interested public to form its own opinion as to whether I am justified in making the claim that years - too many years, perhaps -  of study have led me to, namely that "Holocaust denial is a moral and intellectual aberration".

It goes without saying, I surmise, that my research is not a work of apologetic. I am a detective, and do not care where evidence leads me.

Dr. Christian Lindtner